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Anonymous said: Do you like the Brotherhood or Charles and company better, as friends and teammates? (BTW, you were great in XMFC. =) )

To be honest… each have their moments. Charles and Erik found me after all. If not for both of them… hell I’d still be working at that swingers joint. I might not have known all of them that well, but with how I grew up.. you either figured out where to hide when big wigs came knocking or gave them hell from the start. I appreciate them taking the time to help me figure out that there were more out there. More people like me… but I didn’t want to be afraid anymore if I have the power not to be. I have the feeling I didn’t exactly answer your question.. but if both are an option, as if I hadn’t picked a side that fed insecurities at the time and if it were possible for Charles’ and Erik’s dreams to coincide with each other I would really like to have both. Since that isn’t an option, I’m going to go with the Brotherhood because they’re become my family now. They’ve been more of a family to me than my own flesh and blood ever was once they found out.

And thanks for the boost of confidence~ I appreciate it. <3

cherikmpreg-deactivated20120826 said: Angel, hi! I am sorry that so many fans hate you. :C But, I like you, even if you did join Shaw, but I guess now that you're with Erik, you're not so awful. Erik once mentioned on his blog (his theme is super boring by the way) that you, Raven, and Emma insist he paint the fingernails on your right hands so it isn't messy. Is it true?

You are adorable~ And thank you hun~
As for the polish..  if he’s got nothing better to do he could honestly open a salon. He’s definitely not bad with the brush. Though he never wants to let us return the favor and we got a sharp crimson just for him too. <\3

Anonymous said: I love you Angel

Aw~ Thank you babe~<3 ;3

Anonymous said: Have you ever thought to knock sense into Magneto and tell him the RIGHT way to dress, since you know how to? That vest outfit looks epic. Oh, and do you sometimes fly with the birds high up in the sky?

Honey, you’re barking up the right tree, but pretty sure the Professor has me beat despite the penny loafers. Admittedly though, that shade of red contrasts his eyes wonderfully.

And thank you. It’s one of my favorites~

I’ve tried, but they’re not really too fond of someone invading their space. Especially a stranger.

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Anonymous said: Would you ever go back to Charles' side?

To be honest.. I don’t know if I could. Even if I wanted too..

Anonymous said: When did your mutation first manifest?

The day after I got into it with my stepdad again. It was around highschool… but I couldn’t really finish y’know?

Anonymous said: You are awesome. can I have a hug?

Thank you hun~ As for the hug, I don’t see why not. /have a few hugs Anon~.

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Anonymous said: what was your first encounter with someone who treated you differently for your mutation?

You mean the ones who got to remember it? My boss at my old gig, he really didn’t mind something a little exotic. Otherwise that’d be the Professor and Erik, but they were… exceptions.

Anonymous said: Favorite outfit? :D

I have a few but… at the moment I’d have to say my romper is my current favorite. A halter style buckle behind the neck with now back so I can stretch when I need too. Which shoes though, totally, depends on the weather.

Anonymous said: tell us your beauty regime.

Honey~ A lady never reveals her secrets. But a healthy dose of sun works wonders as a starter.


I hope Erik doesn’t see this.

I think it&#8217;s more so the Professor has to worry more. It was his idea. Though he does have good taste.


I hope Erik doesn’t see this.

I think it’s more so the Professor has to worry more. It was his idea. Though he does have good taste.

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Anonymous said: Do you know that Armando has a crush on you?

… I.. If he does I don’t deserve it. He got hurt enough the first time around because of me.

kelly4rose said: Do you find Erik attractive in that blue dress? And have you ever consider to ask Charles to do that (cross-dressing) trick again =)) ?

If by attractive you mean less threatening and twice as amusing, then yes. He does have nice calves though.

Anonymous said: What is the strangest request you've gotten in the club?

Are you talking strange as in mediocre chat like you’re having coffee? Or strange like I gave my albeit drunk elementary school principal a lap dance strange?

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